Featured poets on the Arts Office Poetry Phone – 5th update

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We recently updated the poems on our Poetry Phone. Three of the featured poets are Myra McAuliffe, Nora Brennan and Susie Lamb and you can read a bit about them below.  To listen to their poems and all the beautiful poems ring 1800272994 and press 0 to 9


Myra McAuliffe 
Myra McAuliffe is from the Freshford Road in Kilkenny. Her poems have featured in the Kilkenny County Council Arts Office Poetry Broadsheet on a number of occasions. She also wrote poems for the Kilkenny County Council Arts Office participatory art project, Making Space which was part of the Three Threads Arts Participation Programme.

Nora Brennan
Nora Brennan lives in Kilkenny and writes poetry and creative non-fiction.   The natural environment around Kilkenny and the rural landscape of her childhood are the inspiration for much of her writing.   Her work has been published in various journals and anthologies, and also broadcast on RTE Radio.   Her first poetry collection, The Greening of Stubble Ground, was published in 2017.   She has been the recipient of grants and bursaries from the Arts Office of Kilkenny County Council and was awarded a place on Words Ireland National Mentoring Programme 2020.

Susie Lamb 
Susie Lamb is an actress, writer, voice over artist and performance educator. She grew up in a Theatre family and tried to avoid her fate as a performer for many years, due to shyness. She has been writing since she was a teenager in one form or another and it embraces her shy side. Now she has reconciled her introvert extrovert personality through writing and acting and they happily co-exist. She lives in Thomastown with her fella, her daughter, two cats and many plants. She has completed one novel with the support of the Kilkenny Arts office, many stories, flash fiction, poems.

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