Emerging Curator in Residence

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The emerging curator in Residence programme enables emerging curators to gain direct experience in the field of curating projects in Kilkenny.

The successful applicant has the opportunity to

  • gain experience and professional development in curating and managing three projects in 2021
  • develop and expand their artistic and creative networks
  • develop and expand their relationships in the culture sector
  • participate in the artistic programming within the city and county of Kilkenny enhancing the cultural offer in Kilkenny to local and national audiences alike
  • Be supported by Kilkenny Arts Office
  • Be mentored by Curator and Cultural consultant Eamonn Maxwell

They will receive
A €5,000 curatorial fee and a separate project budget. Regular mentoring throughout the duration of their residency. Technical and installation advice and support. Curatorial support.
All of the above will support the development and enhancement of their career. This wonderful programme supports the successful applicant in many ways beyond the financial value of the programme.
The successful candidate will work with and benefit from the years of experience and expertise of the Arts Officer and her staff the Arts Office and

Due to Covid-19 2021 will see us move away from the traditional gallery space and the successful applicant will

  • Curate and deliver three projects in and for Kilkenny
  • Research and engage the artists to be a part of the three projects and organise the logistics for each
  • Work with the artists to write the texts to accompany each project
  • Collate and compile all marketing and communication texts (for social media and printed press) for all projects in a timely manner
  • Manage the Arts Office Instagram account for the duration of their residency
  • Regular blog updates
  • The resident curator will utilise the Arts Office existing networks and contacts to support the realisation of the projects and any associated events, they will also endeavour to forge new relationships
  • Work closely with the Arts Office to manage all aspects of the projects
  • The projects must impact and benefit artists and /or communities in Kilkenny

This can include communities of place, historical /environmental/social aspects of Kilkenny or a specific demographic.
Projects may also include an international context and / or feature new ways of working reflecting the current global pandemic.
All projects can feature a solo practitioner and
One project must feature an emerging Kilkenny artist at its core
The curator must be cognisant of working inclusively when organising such initiatives, taking local groups, new communities, young people and diversity into consideration.
Meet all project deadlines provided by the Arts Office and any media outlets

Previous Emerging curators
Leah Corbett 2019
Rachel Botha 2020 / 2021 (add links to their Instagram)

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