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So often a team or group of people come together to work on a project, the focus is on the project itself, and not on how best to work together to achieve the best outcome. Yet this is what true collaboration is and it contributes not just to innovation, creative thinking and problem solving, but to happier, more productive people who are focused on a shared purpose and vision for their project.

This full day, interactive, practical, and fun workshop will give participants an experience of working together collaboratively, and the knowledge, tools, and resources to become more effective collaborators, whatever project they’re working on.

 Registration at 9.30am session ends at 4.30pm

Outline of the day

  • Introduction, Agreement, Goal Setting & Measurements of Success for this session
  • The Conditions required for True Collaboration
  • Purpose – What Impact do we want our Work to Have?
  • Importance of Contracting & Building Trust
  • Team Norms – What Behaviours will Lead to Effective Collaboration?
  • Communication – What gets in the Way? Agreeing a Common Language & Framework for Communicating
  • Roles within every Collaboration
  • Harnessing Conflict and Divergence. Understanding and Appreciating Different Strengths (DISC Energies)
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  •  Check-Out & Takeaways


DATE: Tuesday May 9th 2023

VENUE: Butler House

TIME: 9.30am – 4.30pm


DEADLINE FOR SIGNING UP: 4pm 28th April 2023



Workshop facilitators

 Murmurate: Anne Tannam & Liz Barron

Anne and Liz first met during coach training in 2008 and instantly ‘clicked’.  Though from different professional backgrounds, they shared a common love of collaboration, learning, creativity, fun and of course, coaching!

Fast forward fourteen years and while they both run their own successful coaching practice, Realise Coaching and Creative Coaching they regularly collaborate to design and deliver programmes
and courses on team coaching and training.

​Working as a team and with their clients, they’ve developed practical experience of the conditions required for collaboration, and how it contributes not just to innovation, creative thinking and problem solving, but to happier, more productive teams who are focused on a shared purpose and vision. We love working together and our collaboration gives us both the support and challenge we need to move beyond what we are capable of separately.

And there’s a lot more laughing too!




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